What’s to Come from What Mama Wants ~ Spring 2015

WMWHeaderDespite what it looks and feels like outside my window right now, it is officially Spring!!! Like many of you, the extra sunshine and occasionally warmer weather has lit a fire under me, and I’ve been busy cleaning, organizing, and making plans for the next few months. While I still have a ways to go with the cleaning and organizing, I have managed to put together a pretty great calendar of family and blogging events. [Read more...]

St. Patty’s Day Sweetness for the Grown-Ups ~ Smirnoff’s Irish Goodbye

Smirnoff's Irish Goodbye coverI’m posting two recipes today that will satisfy your family’s sweet teeth this St. Patty’s Day.  The first is for Shamrock Pretzel Treats and you can get to that recipe by just clicking on the highlighted link.  It’s definitely kid approved in our house and I think it’s safe to say it will be in yours, too!!  For a grown-up approved treat, though, I’m sharing Smirnoff’s Irish Goodbye.  With just two ingredients, it’s super affordable and easy to make.  More importantly, though, it tastes AMAZING!!! [Read more...]

St. Patty’s Day Sweetness for the Kids ~ Shamrock Pretzel Treats

Shamrock Pretzel Treats coverI’m sharing a couple fun St. Patty’s Day recipes with you today.  One for the kids, and one for the Mama’s!! :)  After you’re finished reading here, be sure to click the highlighted link to view Smirnoff’s Irish Goodbye!  I’m getting thirsty just thinking about it!!  Ok, ok, back to the kids, though ;)  This is a three ingredient recipe that is easy to make and take for for a classroom treat, or just to snack on at home.  No matter what you do with it, you’re bound to have some smiley little leprechauns on your hands!! :) [Read more...]

Train Like an All-Star Challenge ~ #MIKidsCan

Lexi and Detroit Tigers Mickey '14Hey Mamas!!!  Would your kid like to ‘Train Like an All-Star’ for the chance to go on-field at the Detroit Tigers Kid’s Opening Day??  If so, click below to learn more about Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan’s latest #MIKidsCan challenge, in alignment with the Detroit Tigers Spring Training!! [Read more...]

46 Days of Doing ~ Lent

If you count on the calendar, there are 46 days between today(Ash Wednesday) and Easter Sunday.  Traditionally, we say “40 days of Lent”, because it is assumed that we observe Sunday as a day of rest.  For me and my family, though, we continue straight through with no rest and make it a 46 day journey.  I mean no offense to those who observe the 40 days, that is technically what the season consists of.  I think I just want to cram as many days in as I can since I love it so much!! :) [Read more...]