My Favorite Things Christmas Round-Up ~ Spa Week Holiday Discount + Giveaway

WMW Favorite Things

We all deserve a little ME time now and then, and whether you’re buying a gift of relaxation for yourself or someone you love, you can’t go wrong with Spa Week!!!Starting on Black Friday, purchase a $100 Spa & Wellness Gift Card for just $79.99 by logging onto: to get a hold of this holiday season’s best deal. (Remember this link will only be live Friday, November 28th- December 31st). [Read more...]

adoba hotel Dearborn/Detroit ~ Pre-event synopsis + excitement :)

adoba hotel dearborn:detroit logoYou’re probably wondering what a NON-Christmas event post is doing here today, but I just had to share with you where I’ll be headed off to on Thursday!!  Myself and seven other bloggers will be meeting up at the adoba hotel Dearborn/Detroit where we will stay through Saturday touring local hotspots and having a great time!!

Amongst other things, we will be touring adoba, dining at the well-known Giulio & Sons restaurant, and learning about what makes this eco-friendly and architecturally pleasing hotel so special.  We will also be visiting The Henry Ford and having some fun at the Fairlane Town Center.

While I always miss my family when I travel without them, I am really looking forward to this trip!!  I love getting to visit new places and love even more getting to meet new blogger friends!! :)  Be on the lookout for my full recap of this event a few weeks from now and plan on seeing me posting, tweeting, and instagram-ing up a storm while I’m there!! :)  I’ll be using #EcoTravelwithadoba, so if you see or read something you like, be sure to say hi and virtually join in on my fun!! :)

My Favorite Things Christmas Round-Up ~ Sugar N Spice Review + Giveaway

WMW Favorite ThingsAlthough most kids are quick to provide a list of things that they’d like for Christmas, it’s still hard to shop for them for some reason, right?!?!  It’s that battle between what they want, what they need, what they have WAY TOO MUCH OF, what you know they will have forgotten about before the end of the day on Christmas, and what they didn’t even know they wanted that will bring a big smile to their face!!!  For me, I LOVE to give that last gift! That gift that took some mothers intuition and creative planning to get under the tree, but that I know will make my little girl glow, not only when she opens it up, but each time she wears it!!  Enter, Sugar N Spice Pendants!!! [Read more...]

My Favorite Things Christmas Round-Up ~ Norwex Review + Giveaway

WMW Favorite ThingsWe have tried to live as close as possible to a chemical free life in my home, but it’s hard sometimes.  Finding a product that is safe for my family and also effective in keeping my home clean has never been easy, but I was relatively happy with what I had been using. Until I found Norwex, that is!! [Read more...]

My Favorite Things Christmas Round-Up ~ Vanilla Extract Recipe

WMW Favorite ThingsOne of my favorite things to do around the holidays is to bake, and I happen to believe that a recipe is only ever as good as the quality of it’s ingredients!!  I have been making my own vanilla extract for years now and WOW, what a difference!  It has such a richer and more robust flavor than what you typically find in the store, and the best part is, you can customize it to your specific taste by choosing which type of bean to use. [Read more...]

My Favorite Things Christmas Round-Up ~ Uncorked Ventures Review

WMW Favorite ThingsIf you know me in real life, you know that I enjoy a good red wine!  Who am I kidding??  I enjoy just about any kind of red wine :)  I definitely appreciate a GOOD red wine, though, and love it when I find a company that I can trust to send nothing but the best at affordable prices. [Read more...]

My Favorite Things Christmas Round-Up ~ Emma’s Bowtique Review + Giveaway

WMW Favorite ThingsSing it with me………”I like big BOWS and I cannot lie!!” :) I’m so happy to be kicking off this year’s Christmas event by introducing you to Emma’s Bowtique!!  Full disclosure here, the shop owner happens to be a great friend of mine, but that has in no way swayed my opinion of her work, I promise!! ;)  She is quite well known in our area and people ask for her items by name because of the combination of quality and uniqueness that she has to offer. [Read more...]

Twelve Days of Christmas ~ My Favorite Things Christmas Round-Up 2014

WMW Favorite Things“On the first day of Christmas What Mama Wants sent to me………” :)

I’m so excited to introduce you to my annual Christmas Round-Up that I call, ‘My Favorite Things!!’  I have hosted this round-up on my other blogs in years past, but this is the first time I’ll be sharing it with you on What Mama Wants and I’m super excited!! It’s 12 Days of Christmas at it’s best with gift ideas, recipes, giveaways, and MORE GIVEAWAYS!! [Read more...]