Meals In A Jar- Cookbook Review


Imagine coming home from a long work day to hungry kids and having a pantry filled with meals in jars that require just water and limited time. Dinner has never been so easy.

Introducing “Meals in a Jar,” a new cookbook that takes the stress and guesswork out of cooking.

“Meals in a Jar” is packed with step-by-step instructions for 125 natural breakfasts, lunches, dinners and desserts, including Biscuits and Gravy, Braised Short Ribs, Turkey Pot Pie, Breakfast Burritos, White Chocolate Cranberry Cookies and much more.

Not only are the recipes in this book perfect for carry-along camping fare, weeknight dinners, meals for Dad (or your teenager) to prepare, they can also be lifesavers in times of disasters like fires, blackouts or hurricanes.

Who wouldn’t want to save time and money while eating their favorite flavorful meals?

My Thoughts:

I have to admit, I haven’t used this book in the way its intended. I have been using it mostly to make large amounts of food for things like church potlucks, or huge amounts of cookies to fill a freezer shelf with some pre-made cookies. While I hope to get to the point where I can use it the way it should be, I just haven’t  taken the time to. It works great for the way I have been using it though!  Its nice to be able to pull a bag or two of homemade cookies out of the freezer on hectic days when everyone wants a snack and there are none made, or grab a bag to take to church on Sunday mornings to share.

You can pick up your copy of Meals In A Jar on Amazon  or at your local bookstore.

The Weary Heart: Guest Post by Author Denise Hildreth Jones

The Weary Heart

Running beneath a rain of birdseed, my husband opened the passenger door for me to climb inside as we started our life together. I grabbed the hem of my hand crocheted wedding dress that was over twenty years old and nestled myself into the seat. Laughter bounced through the air and love was almost touchable. My new groom climbed in beside me and in a moment a question came from the back seat. I looked back into the faces of five kiddos, who in one moment had all landed me in the new role of bonus-mom.

At the age of forty, having never had children of my own, I’d quickly come to discover that I had just entered a world as breathtaking as trying to drink water from a fire-hydrant. I quickly delved into my new role of wife and bonus-mom. We didn’t have the kids all the time, so I still had time for ministry and writing responsibilities, but the new schedule of five kids all with activities, couponing (one trip to the grocery store gave me that revelation!), car-pooling and top chef, and it wasn’t long before I was weary. Bone weary.
A few years before I had found myself on the other side of a heartbreaking divorce. My heart was painfully shut down. I had shut down my voice. I had shut down my desires. I had shut down my dreams. I had shut down in fear, in anger, in disappointment, in performance. I had handed my heart over to a lie. And in the process, that beautiful, God-designed heart that had been created inside of me was a shut-down shell of the “abundant life” God had offered.
After that divorce I went on a desperate search for my heart. I reclaimed it in its deepest places. And then came my new family. The stress of navigating five hurting hearts. The new schedule. The old pains being pricked with the new intimacy that marriage inevitably brings. And a year and a half into bonus-momdom I had realized that I was on the verge of shutting down again in weariness if I didn’t grab a hold and do something different.
I was believing the lie of the weary heart that says, “God needs me.” God needs me to car pool these children. God needs me to coupon to save money, because to do anything else would be irresponsible. God needs me…and the list goes on. And in that lie, I realized I was about to shut down all over again. But I heard God remind me, “Take my yoke upon you. For my yoke is easy and my burden is light.” It was His yoke. He didn’t need me. He desired to use me, but He did not need me. And in that revelation I began to let go of a few things in order to give my kids the best of me. Something that might seem selfish actually ended up being selfless. We can all shut down our hearts. In fact, some of us haven’t seen our real hearts in so long we wouldn’t even know whatthey looked like. Remember, “The thief comes to steal, kill and destroy.” But there is more to that Scripture, “But, I havecome that you might have life and have it to the full!” Friends, take heart. Yours. And do a heart check. Are you living life to the full? Or has living shut your heart down?
God doesn’t need you. But oh how He desires to use you…

Chick-fil-A #FreshMade Blog App & Giveaway!

Forget about yesterday, today is #FreshMade! Each day we have a choice, a choice to do the same old routine or do something unique and different.  What have you wanted to do for a long time? 2013 is almost halfway over and it’s time to do something new. It’s time to grow, it’s time to make your dreams a reality.

Chick-fil-A is helping you make today #FreshMade, by creating new menu options that you can feel good about! They are introducing 3 new premium salads and an improved wrap all under 430 calories made with premium ingredients.

Take your taste buds to greener pastures.

Head to your local Chick-fil-A to try out the new Chick-fil-A #FreshMade Salads or enter below to WIN two coupons!

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Made From Earth Review & Giveaway!!

honeyA Little About Holistic Honey Body Lotion:

Honey is a natural humectant, which means it attracts and retains moisture. The natural hydrating and antioxidant properties of honey trap and seal moisture, rejuvenate the skin, and cleanse complexion leaving skin soft. Honey in its purest organic form is suitable for all skin types, and has amazing holistic healing properties.

About our Ingredients:
Our honey is produced, processed, and packaged in accordance with national regulations and by independent organic farms. This means that the land is organic and within a radius of 4 miles from the apiary site, and, nectar and pollen sources must consist of organic crops or uncultivated areas.

My Thoughts:

This lotion is amazing! You would think with one of the main ingredients that it would be sticky, but that isn’t the case.  Made From Earths Holistic Honey Body Lotion goes on smoothly with no sticky or greasy residue at all and left my skin feeling wonderfully soft and smooth for a long time. A little bit goes a long way too, so even though this lotion is on the spendy side, it will last quite a while. It also smells really good!

You can purchase Made From Earth Holistic Honey Body Lotion and other great products on their webpage, follow them on Facebook, and G+ and then enter to win a bottle below!

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Hey Mamas! Want A New Pantech Flex Smartphone For Mothers Day?!

 Flex - Easy Experience

How would you like to win a new Pantech Flex Smartphone for Mothers Day? Here is your chance! First a little about this great phone…

 Flex is Pantech’s newest Android 4G LTE device for AT&T, which combines the premium smartphone features of its predecessor, Burst, with the intuitive user experience of the popular Simplicity Seeker line. Flex is the first smartphone at AT&T to offer customers the option to choose between both the traditional Android experience and the exclusive Pantech “Easy Experience.”

 The Pantech Easy Experience reveals one simplified home screen with a streamlined menu, with quick access to contacts, features, and apps. Ideal for first time smartphone owners and for those who prioritize an uncomplicated mobile phone, Flex merges familiar functionality with sophisticated features to meet everyone’s work, social and entertainment needs. Picture 4378

 Flex’s Easy Experience is an intuitive user interface that doesn’t sacrifice the benefits of advanced mobile technology. The sleek and affordable smartphone features a 4.3” qHD Super AMOLED touch display, 8 MP rear and 2 MP front cameras, SwiftKey predictive texting, a 1.5 GHz dual-core processor, and is powered by Android Ice Cream Sandwich for an abundance of customization options.

 Product Specifications:

    •          Pantech proprietary software:

          Easy Experience: Ideal for first-time smartphone users, or consumers wanting a simple, straight-forward view and access to  the features they use the most. Users can easily toggle  between the standard Android experience and Easy Experience

          SwiftKey: Predictive texting tool that adopts a user’s natural language for faster and more accurate typing

          Custom UI Overlay: Provides a widened app launcher, new search bar widget, and menu button for quick access to settings and customization options

          Pre-loaded applications:

          Pulse:Transforms favorite websites and transforms into a colorful and interactive mosaic

          KeyRing: Allows users to scan and store existing loyalty cards, join new programs, and receive mobile coupons

          Network Modes:

          2G – Quad Band (EDGE/GSM/GPRS)-850MHz (U.S.), 1900 MHz (U.S.), 900 MHz (Europe, Asia), 1800 MHz (Europe, Asia)

          3G/4G – Tri Band (UMTS/HSPA+)-850 MHz, 1900 MHz, 2100 (International)

          LTE – Quad Band – 700 MHz, 850 MHz, 1900 MHz, AWS

          GPS supported Bluetooth – 4.0 WiFi – 802.11 b/g/e

          Operating System: Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich)

          Processor: Qualcomm MSM 8960 – 1.5 GHz dual-core

          Dimension: 5.1” (H) x 2.6” (W) x 0.32” (D)

          Display: 4.3” touch screen; Super AMOLED qHD (540 x 960px)

          Camera: 8 MP with 4X Digital Zoom (Rear), 2 MP (Front)

          Video Recording and Playback: 1080p HD 

          Connectivity: Micro USB 2.0; 3.5mm ear jack; Mobile hotspot for up to 9 additional devices

          Onboard Memory: 8 GB; External Memory Slot: Micro SD (up to 32 GB)

          Battery: 1,830 mAh Lithium Ion

          Standby: Up to 430 hours; Talk-time: Up to 10 hours

Sounds great huh? Enter Below to WIN!! Happy Mothers Day!

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Master Lock Bike Safety Infographic & Giveaway!! TWO Winners!

Did you know that bike riding is the second most popular outdoor activity in America, behind running? Unfortunately, a new survey from Master Lock revealed that more than one-third of riders don’t lock up their bikes, and nearly half of Americans have had their bike stolen, or know someone who has. Regular riding can reduce the risk of heart disease and stroke by 50 percent and is a great way to get outside and enjoy the spring and summer months.

Master Lock developed an infographic (included below) highlighting these new stats and more, including, the health benefits of bike riding, top cities for cyclists and more!

JSH&A.Master Lock Bike Safety Infographic FINAL

You can buy Master Lock bike locks at just about any retail store, or directly from their website here.

Master Lock wants to bless two readers with a new bike lock to help you get out and about this Spring!

Enter To Win Below!

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Healthy & Gluten Free Cinco De Mayo Recipe!

From tacos to burritos and tostados, we tend to over indulge as we celebrate the Mexican holiday. And let’s not forget the margaritas! Although Mexican food can be a diet disaster, there are some ways you can still enjoy the holiday without totally pigging out.

 The recipe below is party approved and can be enjoyed guilt-free this holiday, while keeping your calorie count down. Even better, it’s gluten free!


More tasty recipes and information about healthy living can be found at

Enjoy! And celebrate responsibly this Cinco De Mayo!

Best of Warner Bros. Mother’s Day Movie Night Blog App & Giveaway!!

We think that most can agree… Moms are the best – and they do a lot for us! Now it’s time to return the favor and celebrate this Mother’s Day by giving mom the movie night she deserves! Celebrate Sunday, May 12th in the best way possible by spending quality time with your family and watch one of YOUR favorite classic films! Watching a classic flick together tells the story of a different time and place, and is the perfect opportunity to catch up and share stories with your family… tell them something that they never knew about Mom!

Moms can fill in the blanks on this print out to share what her Perfect Mothers Day would be…

Enter Below To Win one of these perfect movies for a Mothers Day Movie Night! (Prize will be chosen randomly from the titles below!)

– A Star is Born (1976) (Blu-ray)
- Cabaret (1972) (Blu-ray)

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Eating Expectantly, by Bridget Swinney

Nothing is more important than a mom’s (and dad’s) diet and lifestyle before and during pregnancy: it can set the stage for a lifetime of good health for their baby. But if mom’s or dad’s diet is severely lacking, it could program their baby for birth defects or chronic disease like heart disease or diabetes later in life.

 Eating Expectantlyby Bridget Swinney ( gives moms-to-be the tools, tips and tricks they need to eat well from preconception through postpartum. The new 4th Edition of Eating Expectantly even contains QR codes which link to websites, videos and updates.

This comprehensive, up-to-date pregnancy nutrition book has a focus on eating cleaner and greener and helps moms decide when it’s best to buy organic, as well as which cleaning and beauty products are safe.

There is also: step-by-step advice for each trimester including power nutrients and superfoods; information on how to gain just the right amount of weight with the smart carbs approach; advice for a multitude of eating issues like vegetarian eating and gluten intolerance; advice for tummy troubles like nausea, heartburn and constipation, and much much more.

 Whether this is your first or second pregnancy, this book will be one that mothers-to-be (and new moms) will pick up again and again. Highly recommended.

Conscious Box Review + Giveaway!!

I love to try new things. But I also hate to waste my money. So I often wont try something new, because I am afraid I wont like it and my money will be blown. So I have to tell you that I LOVE Conscious Box. Its like getting a Christmas package full of wonderful Eco-friendly products to try. I was surprised when I received my first box at how many sample sized products they managed to fit in that little box! There were cough syrup samples, tea samples, vitamin samples, energy drink samples, pro-biotic samples, gluten free pasta samples, garbage bag samples, chocolate samples and much, much more. Every product in the box is Eco-friendly.

The best thing? We get to try all these great products for the less then $20 a month! They even have vegan and gluten free box subscriptions! I loved being able to try new gluten free products without spending a lot of money.

 Here’s a little more info about Conscious Box!

  • We only work with the most ethical companies – companies that support organic, fair trade, and sustainability in their business practices!
  • We have vegan and gluten-free boxes to make it easier to switch your diet and avoid allergies in food!
  • We’re a small start-up run by friends and family :) Passion and commitment drives our business – not profit.
  • We want to make it easier to shop smart! We’re against greenwashing and want to make it easier to understand what labels mean!

Would you like to win a 3 month subscription to Conscious Box?

Enter Below!

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