Carmex Healing Creme and Lotion Review + Giveaway!!

I recently received for review the new Carmex skin care lotions, Healing Creme and Hydrating Lotion. My mom LOVES Carmex so I let her review this one. And this is what she had to say:

I’ve tried a lot of products on my feet, including the jell pads you wear at night. Many different kinds of healing cremes and lotions, from corn huskers, udder balm and then some.

The Carmex Healing Cream on the first application made such a difference I was sold. It’s non greasy smells a bit like Carmex. I love the smell, and the softness is the bomb! It lasted until I showered with our hard water. My feet still felt soft but looked a little dry so I applied another application. A little goes a long way, so there is plenty of value. 

Carmex Healing Cream

We put 75 years of lipcare expertise into our Carmex Healing Cream, much to the joy and relief of customers who have been requesting it for decades. Our rich cream goes through a patent-pending blending process that emulsifies it into a fast-absorbing formula that won’t wipe off on your clothes, immediately going to work helping to heal your most troubled spots—such as feet, elbows and hands.

  • Formulas with increased levels of rich lanolin such as Carmex Healing Cream have the same rehydrating properties as naturally occurring lipids in your skin.
  • Our formula includes petrolatum to soften skin while it aids with moisturization.
  • Our healing cream adds allantoin to soften and aid with moisturization.

The Carmex Hydrating Lotion is just as wonderful. Normally I have to apply lotion 3 to 4 times a day or every time I pass by the bottle sitting on the dresser, just to keep the dry skin from flaking. Once a day application after a shower and my skin feels soft and no flakes. I have found a new friend and feel so much better. I will be replacing all my cremes and lotions. Carmex always worked best for my lips and now the rest of me feels wonderful too on those dry occasions.

Thanks Carmex!

 Carmex Hydrating Lotion

Microemulsification. It’s the technical term for how we are able to make a hydrating lotion that is so moisturizing yet feels so greaseless. It is soothing, long-lasting and perfect for everyday use. We super-blend the high-quality ingredients of our exclusive formula so that deep hydration immediately soaks into damaged skin. You won’t feel a hint of greasiness, even right after you smooth it onto rough trouble spots.

  • Formulas with Vitamin E aid moisturization of dry skin, helping to soften and heal it.
  • Our Hydrating Lotion uses aloe at a concentration of 200 times what you’d find in an aloe plant, helping prevent dryness and promote healing, plus soothing irritated skin.


You can purchase Carmex Skin Creams and any other Carmex product anywhere Carmex products are sold… OR enter below to win a set of Carmex Hydrating Lotion and Healing Cream!

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MyMo Adventures DVD Review + Giveaway!!

Mymo DVD Cover2

Update: email Matt at if you would like to purchase the DVD (the cost of the DVD is $15).

The “Mymo’s Adventures” DVD features the gym’s irresistibly cute mascot, Mymo, as he engages children and leads them on six awesome, interactive adventures. The DVD combines animated fun, live action workouts and a wisecracking puppet named Alphonzo Bartholomew III. “Mymo’s Adventures” is created to educate, entertain and motivate children to be active and helps them to develop their coordination, balance, flexibility, strength and fine/gross motor skills.

This is such a cute DVD! Putters wants to watch it over and over again. She loves the characters and colors. I love that it has her dancing and singing and moving around. She gets lots of exercise while watching MyMos Adventures while learning lots of things about colors, shapes and more. Not only educational, MyMo Adventures gets your child up and moving and burning that energy we all wish we could bottle and sell.

My Gym’s Fit and Healthy Family Contest:

 On April 1, My Gym will be announcing their “My Gym’s Fit and Healthy Family” Contest on their Facebook page! In celebration of My Gym’s 30th anniversary, they are searching for the fittest family in North America.

  In order to enter the contest, participants would need to visit My Gym’s Facebook page and follow the instructions, which will include submitting a photo and essay. Thirty families with the most votes will receive a prize package (that will include a certificate from the President’s Council of Physical Fitness Sports and Nutrition and a gift package from BabyGanics and free MyGym and Chuggington DVDs).

  The thirty families will then have an opportunity to submit a homemade fitness video – and one lucky family will win the grand prize! The package includes top items from Little Tikes, one free year at My Gym, including classes and a birthday party!

More About My Gym Children’s Fitness Center:

Established in 1983, My Gym is a leading fitness center destination for children with more than 260 locations worldwide, including international locations in China, France, Canada and Brazil among others. More than 30 additional locations are planned to open worldwide in the next 12 months. My Gym combines innovative, early physical education/pre-gymnastics classes with state-of-the-art facilities to empower children – ages 6 weeks to 13 years – by helping them acquire the skills, confidence and positive self-image needed to become healthy young adults. My Gym’s award winning, structured, noncompetitive, and age-appropriate classes and birthday parties enhance children’s overall development through games, music, exercise, sports, gymnastics, puppets, special rides, and fun. The children gain strength, balance, coordination, fine and gross motor proficiency, agility, flexibility and social skills.

Want your own copy of MyMos Adventures? Enter To Win One Below or head to to purchase a copy for your little one!

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Master Lock Eases Tax Season with Digital Tools, Advice and Refund Rewards

Did you know that 80 percent of Americans who filed taxes last year did so electronically (according to the IRS)? With the popularity of filing taxes online continuing to rise, Master Lock is providing consumers with the digital tools and top five tips to simplify the filing process and keep private income information safe.

One of these tools is the Master Lock Vault, a safe and secure online storage and organization system. As an added bonus for taxpayers this year, consumers across the U.S. will have a chance to win one of five, $1,000 prizes when they register for a Vault account as part of the Master Lock “Tax Relief Rewards” Sweepstakes!

1.       Request electronic copies of your tax forms. Many employers offer employees the option to receive their W-2 forms electronically, instead of by mail. By eliminating the risk of postal delays or missed deliveries, this ensures that your W-2 will be delivered securely as soon as it is available. Plus, faster W-2s can mean faster tax returns.

2.       Securely store documents online. Avoid the mess of a mound of paperwork by storing — and organizing — all of your tax-related documents online. By utilizing a free, secure service such as the Master Lock Vault ( you’ll have easy access to all of your files wherever you are and help ensure that none of your paper documents will ever be lost, misplaced, stolen or damaged. Not only can you upload PDF forms, but you can upload photos from your phone of important receipts and expenses for your records. All data is instantly synchronized between the website and the App. Bonus: securely store log-in information for your bank accounts and tax filing site in the Vault so you’ll never have to worry about forgetting your username or password.

3.       Think taxes year-round. Don’t wait until you’re ready to file your taxes to start collecting and organizing the supporting documents you’ll need to complete your return. Avoid the scramble by capturing and uploading a digital image of your receipt each time you pay the babysitter or have a tax deductible transaction, fill a prescription at the pharmacy, or make a charitable contribution such as dropping off a clothing donation to your local thrift store.

4.       Opt for direct deposit. If you’ve done everything else online, why request a hard-copy check when it comes time to claim your refund? When combined with electronic filing, direct deposit is the fastest way to get your refund. If you’re on the other side of the spectrum and find that you owe taxes, opt to pay online and you can avoid the long tax-season lines at the post office.

5.       Call for help. Sometimes, outside advice is necessary, and you can now get the help you need without leaving home. Based on the complexity of your question, there are a variety of resources to turn to. For example, the IRS offers a toll-free hotline for tax questions during weekdays. Several tax-prep software providers also offer guidance via online forums or on their social media feeds.

This is an unpaid ad for  Master Lock. I shared it because I found their tips helpful this tax season!

Kosher Casual Review!

It’s very hard in this day and age to find modest clothing for girls. Shorts are too short, skirts need to be layered with leggings. So I was pretty excited when I came across Kosher Casual. All of their clothing is modest, affordable and adorable. Like this skirt they sent my daughter, Little Mama.


The skirt is very well made, a perfect length for a girl that likes to wear dresses and still ride her bike, climb trees and slide down the slide. It goes well with just about any top and she can wear it with her boots, tennis or dress shoes.

Kosher Casual is over 3 years old. We manufacture our own goods here in Israel and welcome ideas for products you would like to see available in the modest clothing market. As you can see on our site, we have developed some unusual products like our trademarked Sleevies® and TeeNecks® as well as our running skirt with leggings. 

Kosher Casual has layering tops, dresses, workout clothing, modest skirts and more for girls size 6 up to women’s plus size. They also carry a few mens and boys shirts and some Israel gift clothing. I will definitely be shopping Kosher Casual for my girls and I in the future!

I was contacted by Kosher Casual and sent an item in exchange for my honest review. All opinions are entirely my own. For more information click here.

BigKid SecureDrive. Be Safe, Have Fun, Think BIG

The Big Kid SecureDrive by ThinkBIG Computing is a bootable flash drive that provides easy parental monitoring of web content. A kid-friendly, safe Internet environment is now available for less than the price of a video game. The Big Kid SecureDrive works via any USB port and comes equipped with an award-winning content filter, parental monitoring tools and dozens of educational activities for kids.


The Big Kid SecureDrive is fully compliant with the Children’s Internet Protection Act. Since the Big Kid SecureDrive runs without installation on a hard drive and never touches computer data, it can be used on an unlimited number of computers. In addition, the drive supports literally thousands of Windows programs and comes preloaded with web browsers and an office suite for schoolwork.

More information can be found at

I was contacted by the Redline Business Strategies LLC and sent a BigKid SecureDrive in exchange for this post.

Avoid Allergies While Traveling With AllergEase!!

Are you planning some fun summer traveling?

AllergEase, the new all natural herbal allergy supplement, knows that families and/or travel junkies are starting to plan their Summer travels. So, besides purchasing a box or two of AllergEase from, here are also a few guidelines the allergy supplement brand put together so that everyone can enjoy a non-stuffy, non-puffy, allergy-free vacation.


I was contacted by AllergEase and asked to share this information. Any product claim, statistic, quote or other representation about a product or service should be verified with the manufacturer or provider.

(CLOSED!!) Puppet Monsters Review and ***LIVE*** Giveaway!!

Putters got a package in the mail the other day, and what was in it, hasnt left her sight since she opened it. The Twinkly Eyes Puppet Monster is her new best friend. Putters sleeps with it, takes it with her when we leave, carries it around with her everywhere she goes.

Puppet Monsters are the adorable wearable stuffed toy with interchangeable parts!! Puppet Monsters have interchangeable eyes, ears, nose, horns, arms and much more! These loveable creative creatures love to share and swap their body parts! With just one Puppet Monster, you can create so many possibilities! Simply mix, match and attach the different parts! You can make a plush, make a hat or make a new friend! What kind of Puppet Monster and Monster Puppets will you create?


These puppets are so fun! The eyes, nose, mouth, ears, arms etc are all replaceable. Not only can you choose from several different monsters, you can buy several different accessory kits so that you can mix and match and make numerous monsters with them. This provides  hours of creative playtime for your kids. The pieces are easy to remove and replace too. Putters has no problem taking the pieces off and putting them back on.

I love that they are machine washable. We have already needed to wash it a couple times, since it goes everywhere Putters goes.

I decided to have some fun with this giveaway and as its been a while since we had a ***LIVE*** Giveaway, wanted to have one!

WINNER!! Comment # 43! Tanaya!! Congrats!

Giveaway open to U.S. Residents ONLY!!


To enter visit and then come back and comment telling me which Puppet Monster and Accessory Kit you would love to have for your little one(s). That is it! You will then have 36 hours to enter as many times as you want. You MUST complete the mandatory entry and then you may comment as many times as you like, saying anything you like as long as it is family friendly in content. You can talk about the weather, what diaper Junior is wearing… Have FUN and good luck.


And if you dont win? Use Promo Code PUPPET for $5 off when you order!

Giveaway Ends at 9:00 A.M. PST Thursday March 28th.

I was sent a Puppet Monster in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are entirely my own.

BioScriptives Alo-Verix Review

BioScriptive Alo-Verix is super moisturizing without feeling greasy. Since moving to Eastern Oregon I have found that my skin is really dry, especially parts of my face. Alo-Verix has really helped with that.  My face is super moisturized and soft now.  I also found that it works great on wounds. My three year old  fell and cut her knee badly, and when I used Alo-Verix on it, it healed in just a few days and left no scar! I was pretty amazed as it was a pretty deep wound. I had before and after pictures but somehow they disappeared. I can only imagine how well it would work on wrinkles and other ageing signs.

Alo-Verix is a deep moisturizer and anti-aging cream. Its advanced hydrating formula combats dry skin through a unique combination of moisturizers and natural extracts. Alo-Verix does not contain wax, paraffin, petrolatum, mineral oil or parabens. Instead, Alo-Verix contains an effective and soothing blend of non-irritating amino acids, fatty acids, shea butter, aloe vera and resveratol. Alo-Verix is formulated with only the highest quality ingredients.

In addition to moisturizing your skin, with regular daily use Alo-Verix helps reduce visible signs of aging for all skin types. For more information about Alo-Verix, see

I was sent Alo-Verix to use in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are entirely my own.

Havaianas, The Perfect Summer Sandal For Adults and Kids!

I am a flip flop girl. I would wear them year round if my toes wouldn’t freeze. Not sure how that is going to work out for me, living on a ranch, but I am positive I will find a way to wear them, somehow, this summer!

When I first looked at Havaianas website., I was amazed at the variety of flip flops, and knew that Hubs paycheck was in serious trouble! I really fell in love with the kids flip flops. Especially these adorable Princess ones.

I also love these hot pink and black flowery skull and crossbones flips. They come in both womens and kids sizes… I am thinking matching flip flops for the girls and I would be the perfect way to welcome warmer weather to Eastern Oregon!  What do you think?

Havaianas originally started out in Brazil and then moved to their US headquarters in NY. Currently they have stores open in LA, Miami, and New York. Havaianas have become quite popular largely due to celebrity influence, as many celebrities have been sighted wearing Havaianas.

Havaianas just recently started offering $1 flat rate shipping (use to be $8) and they have been pushing out new products for the 2013 season.

You can also find Havaianas on Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter!

This is a paid advertisement for Havaianas. Any product claim, statistic, quote or other representation about a product or service should be verified with the manufacturer or provider.

The Perfect Easter Basket Filler For Kids With Nut Allergies

Hey Moms and Dads,
Have a child with tree and nut allergies that is going to be looking for an Easter basket this year? Not sure what to put in that basket? Here you go!
Solution – Skeeter Snacks, the peanut and tree free delicious cookies made by two dads with their own allergy prone kids.
From Skeeterdoodle, Oatmeal, Chocolate Chip and Double Chocolate chip, any child will be happy to get these in their basket- please consider Skeeter Snacks as the alternative to peanut candy and treats! Or for school and classroom treats.
Skeeter Snacks have been featured on the TODAY Show and many more media outlets as the GO-TO for peanut and tree nut alternative.

My family LOVED Skeeter Snacks. I couldn’t stop eating them. And this is coming from someone who just can’t stand store bought cookies. They were delicious! Thankfully, none of my children suffer from tree or nut allergies, though we have several other allergies, so I am always on the lookout for yummy allergen free foods to share with other parents. These are some of the best that I have found. They tasted fresh and were filled with flavor. My favorite was the Double Chocolate Chip.

You can find Skeeter Snacks by heading to website and ordering, or using the store locator to find a store near you that carries them. You can also find Skeeter Snacks on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest.

I was sent Skeeter Snacks to try in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are entirely my own.