Chocolate-Covered Oreos ~ Fun for ANY Occasion

Well, it happened.  My baby girl turned 8 yesterday.  EIGHT!!!!  I can still remember the sights and sounds from the operating room like it was yesterday, but clearly it was not. Thinking back to when I first heard her, held her, kissed, and smelled her, I’ll admit, made me a little sad and teary.  I only allowed myself a couple minutes of that, though, because the love I have for my baby girl now, is even more precious and strong than it was on that day 8 years ago.

Each day, I have the opportunity to learn more about this amazing little lady.  How her laugh changes when she’s happy, or nervous, or just absolutely cracking herself up.  How she smiles when she’s surprised, happy to see me, or completely at peace.  The different voices she uses when she’s excited, frustrated, or talking to a puppy or baby.  I have learned about my daughter and from my daughter every day of her life and I hope that never stops.

Given that it was a school day, I had to be a little more creative in making yesterday super special for Lexi.  Her Dad was the WatchDog at school, which in an of itself makes it a good day, though.  He got to help in her classroom and do random tasks around the school before and after having lunch and recess with her.  I stopped in mid-day to put a rose and note in her locker(and to check in on the WatchDog! ;)), and came back at the end of school with some yummy birthday treats for her and her friends.

Chocolate-covered Oreos collageThese chocolate-covered oreos were so incredibly easy to make and I think they’re perfect for just about ANY occasion!!  I had to make them by myself since it was a school birthday treat, but this is definitely a great one to bring your kids in on for some fun in the kitchen!!

All you’ll need to get started is the candy melts in your choice of color, oreos(I used double-stuffed!), and some cooling racks.  Melt the candy in the microwave or on the stovetop according to package directions, dip the oreos in the melted candy, let sit to cool and solidify, drizzle with additional candy if you’d like, and VOILA!!  These could also be put on a stick and made into oreo pops, but I am boycotting all treat making that involves sticks for now after too many failed attempts with cake pops :)  ENJOY this yummy treat and feel free to share photos of your final product after you try it for yourself!!

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    Who wouldn’t love these! Oreos…chocolate…can you go wrong? Beautiful, though. I don’t know if my attempt will be so pretty! Thanks. Found you on SITS linky party!

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