Make ALL Natural, Organic Baby Food! 201 Organic Baby Purees Review!

I had the privilege of reviewing 201 Organic Baby Purees by Tamika L. Gardner (Founder of

As simple to prepare as they are nutritious, these baby-pleasing and chemical and pesticide free recipes (and 75 extra organic finger food recipes) include:

  • Basic fruit and veggie blends, from apricots to zucchini

  • Classic combinations, such as turkey, sweet potato, and corn

  • Superfoods, such as avocado, blueberries, and spinach

  • Puree-based transition recipes, including soups, biscuits, frozen desserts, and more!

Things I loved:

I love the whole premise of the book! I completely agree that our babies should be given the best start possible. I love how the book gives reasons why to eat organic and how some foods don’t have to be organic to be just as healthy.

They also give reasons why to avoid genetically modified foods and BPA in canned food. I especially like how they give resources to know how to buy some canned foods without BPA. (pg. 17)

Things I didn’t like so much:

After explaining the dangers of genetically modified foods (p. 7), they put canola oil and soy milk on the list of recommended foods (pg. 20)? If you read up on genetically modified foods, canola (rapeseed) and soy are almost always listed among the most common GMOs along with corn.

With the recipe for rice cereal, there is a little blurb about how you can introduce foods before six months (p. 38). I just want to politely say that Dr. Sears disagrees :)

How to get one yourself:

You can find 201 Organic Baby Purees at many fine retailers.

My experience with a couple of the recipes:

This book is full of great recipes and ways to save money while feeding your baby healthy food. While I took issue with a few of the introductory ideas, I would in no way discourage you from buying and using this book.

I personally tried the Rice Cereal recipe. I blended dry brown rice in my Magic Bullet :)

I mixed the rice into boiling water until it was done, and I made it for my baby girl for breakfast. She ate it all up!

I also tried the carrot puree! I used the Magic Bullet to puree it.

My baby girl was happy to eat it up as well.

I froze the leftover carrot puree in a little ice cube try for later :)

Both meals that I made were from organic ingredients and a whole lot cheaper than you could get them at the store.

Thank you for this opportunity,

In Due Time Ramblings (aka Robin)

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