Kids Who Love To Cook!


Webseries Launches New Season, Contests and More


“Kids Who Love to Cook” is launching its second season of webisodes and cooking videos.  The newly-launched website and cooking series takes you into the kitchen with seven real-life kids to show their love of food and to teach viewers about cooking, and how to bring the family together at home. The website and series, which feature kids cooking videos, recipes, food adventures and contests, for the beginner cook, future chefs, and foodies can be found online at


“Season two has some amazing things in store for viewers from Baked Chicken, Pain Au Chocolate Bread Pudding, Mussels Three Ways, and Ricotta Pancakes,” said 13 year-old Abby. “It’s so much fun for me to be able to cook for people and help them learn to love new things just like I do! We even did a chocolate episode to show where chocolate comes from.”


“Kids Who Love to Cook” embraces personal preferences and encourages kids to prepare food from their family history, as well as new ideas and trends like gluten-free and vegetarian dishes. All dishes seen on “Kids Who Love to Cook” are easily prepared and enjoyed at home. The show does not use swap-outs — the dishes that are shown in the end are the actual dishes made by the kids.


“Kids Who Love to Cook” is not just a webseries, but a community which holds auditions for new “cooks,” cooking camps, events and auditions for new additions to the team. The dynamic web site takes user submissions and tips, as well as tips and how-tos along side the webisodes.  “Kids Who Love to Cook” is currently running an online contest to submit your favorite apple dish – winners will receive an iPad and “star” in a video with Abby and Isabelle.  More info can be found here - Apple DishContest.


About Kids Who Love to Cook:

“Kids Who Love to Cook” is a unique webseries and dynamic website, created to encourage kids aged 8 to 16 to have an appreciation of, and relationship with good food, while teaching important life lessons: planning, budgeting, measuring, cooking, and being creative and able to adapt when presented with challenges. For more information, please visit

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