Monday’s Mantra


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Monday’s Mantra


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46 Days of Doing ~ Lent

If you count on the calendar, there are 46 days between today(Ash Wednesday) and Easter Sunday.  Traditionally, we say “40 days of Lent”, because it is assumed that we observe Sunday as a day of rest.  For me and my family, though, we continue straight through with no rest and make it a 46 day journey.  I mean no offense to those who observe the 40 days, that is technically what the season consists of.  I think I just want to cram as many days in as I can since I love it so much!! :) Continue reading

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Monday’s Mantra


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Made with Love ~ Easy-to-Make Valentine’s Day Sun Catcher + BONUS craft idea

Made with Love - VDay SuncatcherLexi and I are always looking for fun new craft ideas and LOVE it when we can turn them into holiday gifts for family and friends!  I had seen this sun catcher idea on Pinterest a while ago, but the jury was still out on a couple of the directions, so we decided to do some experimenting of our own :) Continue reading

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Monday’s Mantra


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My Favorite Things Christmas Round-Up ~ Spa Week Holiday Discount + Giveaway

WMW Favorite Things

We all deserve a little ME time now and then, and whether you’re buying a gift of relaxation for yourself or someone you love, you can’t go wrong with Spa Week!!!Starting on Black Friday, purchase a $100 Spa & Wellness Gift Card for just $79.99 by logging onto: to get a hold of this holiday season’s best deal. (Remember this link will only be live Friday, November 28th- December 31st). Continue reading

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adoba hotel Dearborn/Detroit ~ Pre-event synopsis + excitement :)

adoba hotel dearborn:detroit logoYou’re probably wondering what a NON-Christmas event post is doing here today, but I just had to share with you where I’ll be headed off to on Thursday!!  Myself and seven other bloggers will be meeting up at the adoba hotel Dearborn/Detroit where we will stay through Saturday touring local hotspots and having a great time!!

Amongst other things, we will be touring adoba, dining at the well-known Giulio & Sons restaurant, and learning about what makes this eco-friendly and architecturally pleasing hotel so special.  We will also be visiting The Henry Ford and having some fun at the Fairlane Town Center.

While I always miss my family when I travel without them, I am really looking forward to this trip!!  I love getting to visit new places and love even more getting to meet new blogger friends!! :)  Be on the lookout for my full recap of this event a few weeks from now and plan on seeing me posting, tweeting, and instagram-ing up a storm while I’m there!! :)  I’ll be using #EcoTravelwithadoba, so if you see or read something you like, be sure to say hi and virtually join in on my fun!! :)

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My Favorite Things Christmas Round-Up ~ Younique Review + Giveaway

WMW Favorite ThingsYou may remember that back in August, I posted a review and giveaway on Younique’s 3-D Fiber Lashes!!  I loved them back then and I love them even more now!! :)  Today, though, I wanted to introduce you to another product that I think sometimes gets overlooked.  Lip Liner. Continue reading

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My Favorite Things Christmas Round-Up ~ Avon Review + Giveaway

WMW Favorite ThingsWhen I say Avon, what do you think of first??  I have to admit that when I was younger, I thought of Avon as a company that provided mainly older women with perfumed powders, lotions, and make-up.  Whether I was right or wrong back then, that is certainly NOT the case now! Continue reading

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